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Personalised wedding favour jars UK

Personalised wedding favour jars UK

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Bagged Sweets

This is a really simple but ultimate personalised wedding favour idea that all your guests will love and appreciate, whilst adding a touch of you to your big day by personalising your wedding favour jar. With our personalised wedding favour jar you can add personalisation and love into your wedding favour jars for all of your guests. Back in the day, sugared almonds were a traditional favour but now outdated, so we have created the wedding favour of the future with personalising your sweets and personalised wedding favour jars, choose from a heart shaped jar, a bottle stye jar and the classing mason jar. Please also choose from mentos, skittles and M&M's.

You can choose up to 4 pictures per order to personalise your wedding favours. To do this please place your order and then message us with the pictures you would like, we can then print some samples and ensure you are happy before we print your order to make sure your wedding favours are perfect for you. If you would like messages on the sweets as well as pictures please enter the details in the personalisation box and select the wedding favour jar you would like.

We use Mento's to guarantee they are bursting with the original assortment of fruity flavours and original mint. For more personalised wedding favour ideas please see our personalised wedding favours UK where you can opt out of having the jars with the personalised wedding favour and buying in bulk with our 1KG bags, perfect for all of your DIY wedding favour ideas.

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