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Personalised Flying saucers sweets

Personalised Flying saucers sweets

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Our unique personalised flying saucers sweets. The classic retro sweets that are made of wafer and filled with sherbet. These sweets seem to have been around forever and remain a favourite for the young and old.

The flying saucer sweets come in a selection of 18 for the perfect gift idea or our large 75 sweet bag. 

Personalising your flying saucer sweets is easy. Simply add your message or name when ordering or if you want an emoji or a picture please add that in the request too, we can do up to 5 designs per order. We will print your design onto the sweet within 48 hours.

What do I get in the bag?

  • Up to 5 designs per order
  • A mix of messages on the sweets
  • Clip art designs of your choice. You tell us what you want and we will print it. There is a great range of clipart for idea on this link
  • Our holographic bags to make the sweets look amazing
  • Our flying saucer sweets come in all two different sizes. 
    • Our small bag contains 18 flying saucer sweets
    • Our large bag contains 75 flying saucer sweets

We also provide a pre printed wedding bulk bag of flying saucers sweets for your DIY favors. Please head over to our page to order.

You can watch the process of us printing our sweets on this link 


Sugar, dextrose, maize starch, acidE334, acidity regulator sodium hydrogenated carbonate, flavourings, colours E100,E132,E162


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