About Us

Welcome to our online shop. Until recently we owned a local sweet shop near Northwich but took the decision to move away from the high street and to narrow our services down to personalised sweets Online. We started slowly with our Etsy shop and by July we have mad over 350 sales with a 5* recommended seller status. 

We have worked with our customers to understand what they are looking for and are now focusing on events and promotions to grow the business. 

Our most popular items is the m&m chocolate sweet bags which is closely followed up by our flying saucer sweets. Our Mentos printed sweets are very popular for customers who want more letters or colourful designs on the personalised sweets. 

We cater for all types of party events and promotions for businesses as well as directly to our customers. Our M&M sweets are very popular for couples gift ideas as the make the perfect gift for her and a perfect gift for him. We also get a lot of orders when party ideas. 

Our Mento sweets are our best seller for the wedding favor ideas. We have a lot of orders for wedding sweet table ideas and work with our customers on their budget to ensure it is cost effective for them. 

We have a good line in rude gift ideas that are very popular as a funny rude gift or as rude gifts for friends. We have the most fun in printing these sweets with the personal messages on the sweets for the customers. Some of the orders make fantastic offensive gifts and a few very offensive gifts. They can be a nice or as rude as our customers like them to be.

Our sweets also make the perfect hen party accessories