A little bit about us

Welcome to our printed treats.

We started our online shop on Etsy in late 2021 with the aim to work with our customers on birthday gift ideas, wedding favour ideas, engagement gift ideas and thank you gifts for any occasion by making the sweets we provide 100% customised. At that time we owned a local shop and the idea was to expand the business online with something a little bit different. Due to a change in personal circumstances and goals we decided to close our shop and run our business from home where we are registered as a food business with e local council, we are food hygiene trained and insured to operate as a business. 

My favourite sweets to print are the funny gifts idea that come through from our customers. We get all types of messages and insults on our sweets and some very funny photo's to print on to the sweets. The personalisations give our customers the opportunity to create offensive gifts for their friends or a naughty gift idea for for a hen party. 

We see our products as an inexpensive gift idea that fits all occasions. Our delivery time is usually to your door within 4 days which includes the creation of your order and the delivery. We can offer upgraded postage to get it to you even faster. 

Our sweets that we print on are M&M's, Mentos and flying saucers but we are always on the look out for a sweet that is both popular, taste's great and will let us put a message or a picture on them for our customers.

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